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Sortir du Cadre – Interview: Mark Lubell

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In this fourth video of the “Sortir du Cadre” (Think outside the box) Interview series, Mark Lubell gives an insight of Magnum inMotion its strategy and goes further to explore the state of the photojournalism and its future. Mark Lubell is currently the Managing Director of Magnum. Back in 2004, he launched the Magnum’s digital magazine “inMotion” and since then redevelop Magnum’s brand and strategy on Internet.

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28/01/2011 at 1:02 am

Contacts Vol. 2 – Nan Goldin

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Two years ago I attended a really interesting workshop in Rome, runned by Leonie Purchas, one of my favourite photojournalist. Besides the normal lesson, where the class discussed about their portfolio, talked about her work, completed two different assignment and edited all the picture for a final exhibition, she showed us a series of video called “Contacts”, a collection of small video where famous photographers show their contact sheet, talking about their work. One of this video was really touching for me and has made Nan Goldin, one of my favourite photographer ever.

From Contacts Vol. 2, Portraits of Contemporary Photographers:

Don’t miss the second part:

«The work has always been about the condition of being human and the pain, the ability to survive and how difficult that is». (Nan Goldin)

Paola Sarappa

Written by Paola Sarappa

21/01/2011 at 9:09 am

Person at work – Vol.2

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We had to choose two different work situations for the first assignment “Person at work”. My brilliant idea was to take photos of a magician just near my flat: palm reading, crystal balls, tarots. I couldn’t ask for more.

So I went there the first time, but it was closed. I tried to call and I booked and appointment for the day after, 10am. I woke up early to get ready and I went there again. I put all my will and my courage to go there, without any fear. And finally I made it.

I rang the bell, I got upstairs and I made my proposal to this beautiful woman who opened the door. unfortunately she didn’t understood my reason. As I was guessing is something really private and secret. No beating around the bush: impossible to make a project about this kind of job. The disappointment was immense, but I need to resign myself to that.

So I had to change subject, but by that time I had wasted two days already and the deadline was not so far. I opted for something easy, possibly in an open space this time, just to change a little from my first choise, the tattooist.

What better than a street artist and where if not in Covent Garden.

Paola Sarappa


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19/01/2011 at 2:13 am

How to make a tattoo

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For the first assignment I choose a tattoo shop. I simply love tattoos (even though I only have one yet), and I thought that it could be interesting for other people to see the creation of something that will last forever. Especially for those who never got the chance to see it, I suppose a few nowadays.

I followed all the instructions given to us by the course director: all manual, no zoom, 35mm lens, black & white, 400 ISO. I shoot a bit more that asked, 70 pictures rather than 40, just because it was a very long process, around 4 hours, and there where many things to shoot. So I made a rough selection and I choose the following 21 pictures.

I believe the most difficult part for me was to push myself a little bit at the beginning and struggle with laziness, shyness and shame and ask the tattooist the permission, explaining my purpose. Actually he was really open to do it. I presume that it is just my sense of discretion. Sometimes I convince myself that I can bother other people, but it is something I have to overcome, sooner or later.

Paola Sarappa

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A special thanks to “A True Love Tattoo” studio – Denmark Place, London.

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19/01/2011 at 1:27 am

This is my letter to the world. Judge tenderly of me!

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Back in London, again. This time to start this new great adventure: a Master in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at London College of Communication. A dream for me. I wanted to attend this course so much and now that it has begun I’m happy, of course, but scared at the same time.

I do not think it is a simple photography course. For me it is like putting into play what I’ve learned through years of study and sacrifices. It’s like the day of reckoning, whether or not this will be my way in the future. However I’m sure that this course will give me the opportunity to deal with talented photographers and this will allow me to grow faster anyhow.

The idea of photojournalism came out of the need to combine my two greatest passions: photography and journalism. Actually photography came slowly over the years. My real background is painting and history of art (I have a degree in Academy of Fine Art). Then I moved to photography, because I thought it was a more contemporary and faster means of communication, potentially accessible to all, anywhere in the world.

After two years, spent to study and working as photographer, I attended a short course of journalism. At the beginning it was just a game. I never thought that this could have been a job, ever. I never thought I could be able to write anything more than a letter or an email to a friend. Surprisingly this passion increased more and more and now I’m the editor in chief of a newspaper. I work everyday, since more than one year now, and I just cannot stop.

For all this reason I am where I am now. I hope this year will be a great opportunity for me to get many incentives to improve, always, and never stop on what I achieved, but always continue to seek and pursue. I still don’t know what exactly but…we’ll see!

Paola Sarappa

Written by Paola Sarappa

18/01/2011 at 10:43 pm

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